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MOGAS retail service stations are strategically located on busy traffic routes in the major commercial centers of East and Central Africa. At our MOGAS retail service stations, we provide top range quality refined petroleum products, which include:...
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MOGAS offers clean and environment friendly Liquid Petroleum Gas. Our LPG comes in a wide variety of sizes to carter for a multitude of customers with various requirements. Our gas is suitable for Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Homes, etc


Lubrication services are tailor-made to your needs, assessed following a careful onsite survey of your equipment and machinery. Consultations with equipment operators and maintenance personnel are done with reference...
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For effective service delivery, MOGAS is partner with world's leading lubricants distributors like Castrol and Eastman Aviation Solutions


MOGAS manages its business to ensure adherence to the law, ethical standards and international norms. However as a responsible corporate citizen we do much more than this and constantly look for opportunities to make a positive contribution to the society in which we work and live...
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MOGAS Automotive Lubricants

We supply a wide range of automotive lubricants; including commercial and person vehicles

Automotive Lubricants

MOGAS Industrial Lubricants

Our lubricants have proved to be the best in industrial machinery and mechanisation

Industrial Lubricants

MOGAS Marine & Outboard Lubricants

We also provide lubricants for marine and outboard

Marine & Outboard Lubricants

MOGAS Automotive & Industrial Grease

We provide high quality lubricants for automotive and industrial application

Automotive & Industrial Grease

MOGAS Specialties Lubricants

Our specialties lubricants includes lubricants for all small engine application. e.g. chain saw...

Specialties Lubricants

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