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HSSE Policy

The health and safety of all stakeholders and care for the environment are among our top priorities. We aim at completely eliminating incidents that harm people, or put our assets and the environment at risk.

To achieve this, everyone in our business is expected to take proactive and practical steps to prevent and eliminate risks by making the following commitments:

  • To always set and review standard procedures, processes and guidelines to execute our tasks and ensure compliance.
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all our stakeholders in all areas of operation.
  • To take proactive steps towards protection of our environment.
  • To ensure that best management practices are implemented and maintained.
  • To comply with all applicable rules and regulations, and apply responsible standards where these regulations do not exist.
  • To ensure contingency plans are in place to deal with emergencies.
  • To ensure that all our employees receive the best available training to qualify them for their work.

MOGAS requires all its stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and contractors among others to adhere strictly to our Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

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