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Automotive and Industrial Grease

MOGAS greases are formulated for a variety of industries and applications to provide protection for components and parts such as bearings, bucket pins, bushings, cables, cams, chains, chassis and open gears. MOGAS greases offer varying benefits such as reduced wear, reduced operating temperatures, longer equipment life, enhanced performance, increased efficiency, increased uptime, lower grease consumption, longer service intervals and reduced maintenance. Many MOGAS greases resist corrosion, heat, oxidation and rust, while select varieties resist emulsification and water wash-off.

Common applications for MOGAS greases include:

• High-temperature and low-temperature applications
• High-speed and low-speed applications
• Centralized automatic lubrication systems
• Friction and anti-friction bearings
• High-speed and slow-speed bearings 

Whether you are looking for an extreme pressure grease, bearing grease, chassis grease or any other type of high-performance industrial grease, MOGAS has the products and the expertise that you need

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