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Mining & Off Road Solutions


MOGAS innovative solutions to mining customers challenges and needs, and value-added services are hugely beneficial to their operations, and enable them to realize significant capital gains.

The products commonly used in mining equipment can be divided into three groups:

  • Heavy-duty lubricating oils, Extreme pressure (EP) oils for enclosed gear drives
  • High performance engine oil, circulating oil and hydraulic oils bearing lubrication and torque convertors.
  • General purpose grease, for normal industrial bearing applications and specialized mining products

MOGAS's unique Mining CVP (Customer Value Proposition) includes:

  • Offering on-board delivery, lubrication system set-up for diesel engine oil. The delivery set-up includes a system of nozzles and hoses piped through so that the loaded vehicle can get out to the equipment. Customers get advantage of management of lubricant consumption to control cost; eliminates lubricant contamination, which could contribute for major cause of equipment failure.
  • A range of customized value-adding services – including in-depth technical assistance relating to fuels and lubricants, and to the optimal usage of machinery, offering sound advice for selecting the products best-suited for the applications. Customer benefit through reduction of inventory costs and wastes and increase in productivity.
  • Working with centralized lubrication system offers manufacturers a wide range of system types and designs to meet the needs of practically any mining application. This means the customer is able to reduce Total Cost of Operations with our competitively priced industry- leading lubricants and clean fuels – meeting the precise needs of mining equipment.
  • Oil analysis program, includes Oil condition monitoring (OCM) and Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM). ECM will fit in the condition based maintenance of the mining industries to increase mean time between failure (MTBF) and mean time to fail MTTF ). In the OCM analysis the equipment current condition will be traced to pick operational wear and tears, unexpected part damages, fuel dilution in the engine lubricants, and so on, thus the customer will get a direct advantage of knowing the right time to drain the oil, which will be an extension of drain time interval where customer benefits from direct cost of lubricants, and also saves the machine before severe damage on its parts.
  • Reliable, on-time, in-full supply of fuels and lubricants, even to remote locations.
  • Dedicated storage and distribution terminals on customers' sites, ensuring ongoing supply and security stock.
  • At MOGAS, HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) is part of the business and our customers will benefit from our safety practices.


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