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Storage services offered by MOGAS are commonly known as Hospitality which refers to rental charges for storage of product belonging to both MOGAS affiliates and third parties. The rentals are charged at an agreed rate per cubic meter (or one thousand liters). Hospitality services are offered by MOGAS Tanzania and MOGAS Uganda and help these entities in maximizing the capacity utilization of the terminals by increasing the through-put.

For MOGAS Tanzania, Hospitality services are offered through the marine terminals in Tanzania located at the port of Dar es Salaam with a 40,000 m3 capacity linked by a 2.5 km pipeline to the wharves where ships discharge and the Port of Tanga with 6500m3 to affiliates including MOGAS Congo, MOGAS Burundi and MOGAS Rwanda and the third party customers within Tanzania, for MOGAS Uganda, the services are offered through the 5,000M3 inland fuel depot to third party customers. MOGAS Congo is also offering Hospitality through the 3600m3 inland fuel depot to third parties in Congo.

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